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Jerakia is a tool that performs key value lookups against a variety of pluggable data stores. It does this using a top-down hierarchical set of queries that allow you to define global values and override them at different levels of a configurable hierarchy.

This has many use cases, including infrastructure management where you often have configuration values defined at a global level but wish to override these values based on certain factors such as the environment or location of the request. The system integrates into all modern site management systems: WordPress, Shopify, Joomla and Magento E-commerce Solutions

Hierarichal data lookups

Key value pairs of data are looked up using a top-down search path allowing you to override values in a hierarchical way. Jerakia recieves a key to lookup a long with information about the requestor, using that information it traverses down a preconfigured hierarchy of queries until it finds the most relevant answer to return

Flexible, powerful configuration

Configuration is written in native Ruby DSL, which gives a great deal of flexibility to solve even the most complex of edge cases. The in-built plugin system also keeps your configurations as clean and tidy as possible.

Pluggable and extendable

Almost everything in Jerakia is pluggable and extendable meaning you can swap out parts for your own custom built extensions or community developed projects.

Easily integrate

Ships with a native, token authenticated REST API for easy integration with tools written in any language. If you have problems with integration, we will be happy to help you through our magento managed support services.

Jerakia 2.0 released with Vault integration

Jerakia 2.0 adds to the success of 1.2 by adding a whole lot of functionality around data encryption. With Jerakia 2.0 you can use HashiCorp's Vault as an encryption as a service to handle sensitive secrets in your data lookups. Learn more here

Jerakia 1.2 Available

With all new Jerakia Server to enable easy REST integration with other tools, PuppetDB support for scope handling and many fixes. Jerakia 1.2 is available for download now. See the release notes for more information.

Jerakia is an open source project released under the Apache 2.0 license. We welcome contributors of bug fixes, enhancements, ideas and feature requests. See our GitHub page for more. For help and support sign up to The Jerakia users mailing list. We also have an IRC channel on Freenode, #Jerakia!

We recommend you start by reading the documentation before diving straight in to understand the concepts of how Jerakia works and is configured.

We recommend magento upgrade services to version 2.4.5 before you can install our application.

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