Consul datasource

The consul_kv datasource allows Jerakia to retreive values from Hashicorp Consul using the key value store features (Consul KV)

Global configuration options

Global configuration for consul is placed in jerakia.yaml under the consul configuration key. The following configuration options are supported. Jerakia uses the Diplomat library to integrate with Consul KV

  • url: HTTP URL to connect to the Consul KV API, default: http://localhost:8500
  • acl_token: Optional ACL token to supply with the API requests
  • options: A hash of options to provide to Faraday, see the Diplomat documentation for information


  url: http://localhost:8888

Datasource Options

The following options are available when declaring the consul_kv datasource within a Jerakia lookup

  • datacenter: A string, Optionally specify a dc (datacenter) for the lookup
  • to_hash: Boolean, default: true. Will consolidate the results into a hash instead of an array.
  • recursive: Boolean, default: false. Will return the entire data structure from Consul KV rather than just the requested key
  • searchpath: Array, default: [ ‘/’ ]. A set of prefixes, Jerakia will iterate through each level of the searchpath appending the namespace and lookup key


Add some data to Consul KV

# consul kv put environment/development/apache/port 8080
Success! Data written to: environment/development/apache/port
# consul kv put common/apache/port 80
Success! Data written to: common/apache/port

A corresponding Jerakia policy

policy :default do
  lookup :main do
    datasource :consul_kv, {
      :searchpath => [


Data can now be looked up hierarchically.

# bin/jerakia lookup port -n apache
# bin/jerakia lookup port -n apache --metadata environment:development

Lookup Key

The key that gets passed to Consul KV consists of the search prefix