Lookup Plugins


Jerakia has the concept of a namespace and a key, by default the file lookup datasource will look for key in <datadir>/<scope>/<namespace>.yaml - in order to retain Hieras way of doing things, which is to lookup <namespace>::<key> in a file called <datadir>/<scope>.yaml a plugin hiera has been provided. To enable this in your lookup simply add the directive to the lookup block and the request key and namespace will automatically get re-written on the fly

      lookup :default, :use => :hiera do
        datasource :file, {
          :format => :yaml,
          :docroot => '/var/lib/jerakia/data',
          :searchpath => [

There is no need to call a method using the hiera plugin. By including it in the lookup, the autorun method of the plugin will automatically rewrite the lookup.