Jerakia Release Notes


  • New feature, Jerakia Server
  • New feature, PuppetDB scope handler
  • This release has many additions, please see the full release notes for complete documentation


  • Fix for #54, multiple lookups in a policy sometimes cause exceptions with cascading look ups. Fixed.
  • Enhanced error handling
  • Internal refactor of DSL parser and other code cleanups
  • More spec tests


  • Changed clone_request to use .clone() instead of Marshal.dump, this fixes some very strange behaviour under specific circumstances in Puppet. see #53


  • Stable release, no functional changes since 0.5.3


  • Bugfix: Issue #41, fixes problem where the boolean false is returned as nil.


  • Bugfix: deep_merge gem missing from Gem dependancies
  • Feature: added yaml output (–output yaml) for the command line


  • Issue #9 : Added data schema feature
  • Issue #12: Added deep merge capability
  • Issue #35: Bugfix: reverse priority given to hash merges
  • Issue #33: Use default values for jerakia.yaml options so file is not mandatory
  • Issue #36: Plugins now support an autorun method to run upon use without needing to call plugin methods
  • Issue #37: Configuration can now be passed to Jerakia plugins from jerakia.yaml in a plugins hash.
  • Misc: plugin.hiera.rewrite_lookup is now deprecated (currently warns), this feature is now run using the autorun method
  • Misc: File data source now supports a JSON file handler


  • Bug fix release: fix for looking up nested vars (eg: foo::bar::bob) from Hiera


  • –verbose feature added to show lookup keys
  • Fixed issues with declaring alternative scope handlers
  • Added YAML scope handler
  • Policy can be overriden using request metadata
  • Data sources can define multiple types for their options
  • Integration tests added for data bindings, hiera lookups and puppet runs
  • JERAKIA_CONFIG environment variable can be used to set the jerakia.yaml location
  • internal minor bug fixes


  • –debug feature added to the CLI to log to stdout


  • Bugfix: hiera backend throwing errors with unresolvable ‘config’ method


  • Added Jerakia::VERSION constant
  • Added version flag to CLI


  • BREAK - CLI overhaul of the jerakia command line (David Danzilio)
  • Feature: Fragments (.d) support for the file datasource
  • Numerous testing enhancements
  • Internal improvements


  • BREAK by default, jerakia will now use .yaml instead of .yml for all YAML files.


  • introduced HTTP datasource using lookup_http