Jerakia Server



Jerakia uses tokens to authenticate access to the REST API for performing lookups using Jerakia Server. Before you can use the API you must first create a valid token for the application to use when making requests, the token must be sent in the X-Authentication HTTP header of each request. Jerakia Server does not maintain a session.

Jerakia tokens are managed using the jerakia token command.

Creating a new token

To create a Jerakia token, issue the jerakia token create command with an identifier for the intended application. Eg:

# jerakia token create my_app

The output of the command will contain the token

Copy the following token to the application, it must be sent in the Authorization header. This token cannot be retrieved later, if you have lost the token for an application you can create a new one with 'jerakia token regenerate <api id>'


The token is stored internally in a small database, but it is not retrievable. You should copy this authentication token and configure it in your application. If you lose an authentication token you must regenerate it with the regenerate option. Eg:

# jerakia token regenerate my_app

This will delete the previous token and create a new one that must be copied.

If you need to automate this step, you can pass the --quiet option to the create subcommand, this will supress the explanatory output of the command and just output the token.

Viewing tokens

You can see a summary of what tokens are in use and their status using the jerakia token list command. Eg:

# jerakia token list
API Identifier       Last Seen                    Status

my_app               2016-12-20 12:04:58          active

Managing tokens

You can disable a token by using the jerakia token disable command. The token will continue to be stored in the database but access to the API will be denied using this token.

# jerakia token disable my_app
# jerakia token list
API Identifier       Last Seen                    Status

my_app               2016-12-20 12:04:58          disabled

You can re-enable the token using the enable subcommand

# jerakia token enable my_app

You can completely remove a token using the jerakia token delete command

# jerakia token delete my_app

Note that disabling, enabling or deleting tokens will not take effect until Jerakia Server refreshes it’s token cache, which by default happens every 300 seconds. See the token_ttl setting in the server documentation.